Monday, June 22, 2009


My new single, “LOL” (Miss Skinny Jeans) is FINALLY available for sale! June 23rd baby..... which is tomorrow and it is so long over due, and much anticipated.  The picture attached to this entry is what the CD cover looks like, so you know what to look for :) I took a little break from the scene, alright maybe not that little, but I'm all revamped, refreshed and ready to go! I'm so excited about this single. It is such a fun summer song. I can't wait to hear what you all think. I'm so happy to be back doing my thang. In interviews they always ask why I chose to be in music? Why sing? Well the answer is, It’s not a choice... its a NECESSITY. Personally, I have no choice. Yes, technically we all have choices, but sometimes certain things choose US and music is just that for me. Without music in my life, well that's just not living to me.

I hope all of my fans love and support me in this new chapter of my career, and more than that... my life. Thank you all so much. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo <3

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