Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making of the Video "LOL"-Tina Ann Style (Part I)

Ok, so I know most have seen MTV’s Making of the Video. Let me bring you through Tina Ann’s Making of the Video. Maybe it’s that I have my own label, am a hands on borderline control freak or that I have to be so dame involved. All I know is it was my first music video & I was going to be as prepared as possible. I had no idea the prep behind making a music video. For weeks before my days were filled with Locking down the club to which the video would be shot in, Walk through at the video location, Meetings with the videographer, Meeting with the lighting guy, Wardrobe shopping (Thank You Jilly Bean), Thousands of phone calls for Extras (I swear next time I’m shooting in front of a green screen w/ just myself), Audition actors, Dance Auditions, Dance Rehearsals in Fleming NJ. Yeah, Two and a half hours of driving in monsoons at all hours of the night, not to mention rush hour traffic. Now I jump out of planes with no problems & I was never so scared in my life as much as I was when my Toyota Scion and me went deep sea diving on some parkway I never heard of in NJ.  But the choreography looked so dame hot, it was well worth the near death experience. Oh and I wrote the entire storyboard frame by frame. All I have to say is Thank g-d for my black berry & unlimited texting & Internet. Cause the amount of emails, texts and phone calls would have added up to more than the video.

While this is all going on mind you I’m still starting promo on my new single LOL (Miss Skinny Jeans) & have a last minute photo shoot for single cover a few days prior to video shoot. Which I’ll have you know I got extremely sexy pictures from. Hahaha…

            Now, as the video approached the day before I had plenty to do. Such as get my nails did. Mani/Pedi w/reflexology, just cause it feels so good & I needed to relax. Tanning, eyebrow threading, waxing (ouch.. is all I will say). Beauty is definitely pain. Then on the real work level, I had to make sure that we had all the extras lined up for the next day as well as the dancers and actors. Speak back and forth with the club owner & videographer to make sure we had our times straight & all the arrangements were made for us to set up ahead of time being it was a live video.

            The video was to be shot in two days. Day 1 was live at a nightclub on a Saturday night. The wide shots and crowd shots were to be the main goal, Along with out door Ferrari scene. Day 2 was at the same nightclub the following Thursday but we would have the entire club and day to ourselves to shoot.. The close shots and bathroom scene, VIP scene & whichever shots were not taken day 1 would be captured.

The best way for me to describe the shoot would be to walk you threw it so here’s a little play-by-play for ya…

Oh, did I mention my cousins’ baby shower fell on the same day as Day1?           

 Saturday May 9, 2009 –

 9:00 am Shower and get dressed for Cousins baby shower before hair appt.

10:00 am Having manager make phone calls to get extras at shoot.

10:30 am Hair Salon De La Mar in Bellmore, NY to Put glaze on hair for extra shine. (In dress for party)

11:30 am Run home to switch shoes. Changed mind will be dancing all night in heels at video very dumb to start the torture now.

12:00 pm Practice choreography real quick (in dress for party but now with flats, ahhhh)

12:30 pm leave house for party with mom, sister in law & Monkey Boy aka my nephew. The cutest child in the existence of America

12:32 pm turn around go back to house-forgot gift.

1:00 pm Arrive at Baby Shower. Mother to be maybe in early labor but ends up still coming. What a trooper.

2:00 pm Try to convince mother to be to be in my video and write LOL on her belly. She responds with “Sure, then you can write MOM on my a**, flip me over and have it say WOW”.

2:01 pm I take her response as a NO & eat some awesome homemade per nil with rice & beans real quick as I look over video on camcorder of music video rehearsal.

2:30 pm Leave party to start hair & makeup.

3:15 pm Start makeup.. Drink the worst tasting cup of organic tea & burn my tongue. Thank You mother. And yes I really do want lactaid milk with honey & sugar all together in the same cup of tea.

4:00 pm start doing my abnormally thick hair being it could take two days. But it is so very nice and glossy Thanks to Carly at De La Mar. Yes I just advertised again.

4:20 pm The stress begins. Phone calls are endless. Never a dull moment.

4:30 pm Whose got the story board & has any one spoken to the videographer

5:00 pm Still doing hair

5:30 pm Finish up makeup

5:35 pm Videographer is at location and cant set up yet. Now giving phone to manager to deal with and have him call club owner.

6:00 pm Get dressed

7:00 pm Dancers suppose to have met me

7:30 pm 1 actor & 1 dancer only

8:30 pm Suppose to be at location (NOT)

9:00 pm Half the dancers show up but only half and still no choreographer

9:30 pm head to location have the rest meet us there

To Be Continued………….



Monday, June 22, 2009


My new single, “LOL” (Miss Skinny Jeans) is FINALLY available for sale! June 23rd baby..... which is tomorrow and it is so long over due, and much anticipated.  The picture attached to this entry is what the CD cover looks like, so you know what to look for :) I took a little break from the scene, alright maybe not that little, but I'm all revamped, refreshed and ready to go! I'm so excited about this single. It is such a fun summer song. I can't wait to hear what you all think. I'm so happy to be back doing my thang. In interviews they always ask why I chose to be in music? Why sing? Well the answer is, It’s not a choice... its a NECESSITY. Personally, I have no choice. Yes, technically we all have choices, but sometimes certain things choose US and music is just that for me. Without music in my life, well that's just not living to me.

I hope all of my fans love and support me in this new chapter of my career, and more than that... my life. Thank you all so much. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo <3

Monday, June 1, 2009

About Me :)

Tina Ann was one of the most popular Female Dance Singers in the early 2000’s. Tina empowered a genuinely powerful voice, belting out her up-tempo dance numbers. Having her first 6 singles in a row achieve mainstream airplay with such hits as, “Don’t Want Another Man”, “In My Dreams” and “All I Need Is A Miracle”.

 Born Tina Ann Amato on September 20 in New York, her parents were of Italian and Puerto Rican stock. Settling in Long Island, where Tina began dance classes at the age of five. At age 8 she began dance training with Greg Berg. At first Tina was to be a ballerina or so she thought, she then heard a beat and along followed a melody. She was in Hip Hop class… And then tap… And then came musical theater. When Tina had seen the movie Annie for the first time she was captivated by little red headed orphan Annie. Tina then began to find ballet to refined. She became fascinated by the music to which she danced and began vocal lessons with vocal coach Peter Pesco a family acquaintance of Mariah Carey. Tina studied her technique with classical music all throughout her childhood. Taking an interest in Italian Opera also briefly learning piano & guitar.

 Into her teen years she began performing in Talent Shows along with pursuing a modeling career. In attending IMTA in Manhattan with her modeling agent Tina Ann landed an opportunity to be a part model for legs with McDonald Richards Agency in Milan, Italy. Of who were the first to call her by Tina Ann were she had always been just Tina. Tina did not go on to pursue modeling for she felt that there was no point of being on stage if she couldn’t be heard or express herself.

 Like most teens Tina was no stranger to night clubs all though not necessarily of age. She would often spend her nights on the dance floors of Manhattan with the underground DJ’s before there was such a genre as house/pop.

 Although admit tingly Tina wasn’t the best behaved student when it came to academic school she managed to make it through. Senior year she attended summer school & night school on top of day classes to graduate with her class. Making it onto Honor roll her final year. In turning over a new leaf she continued to keep up with her academics. She attended Manhattans New School College majoring in Music & Writing. But it wouldn’t be long till her interest broadened and she came across Interior Design. Transferred to Metropolitan School of Interior Design doubled up her classes in two years & graduated. After graduating her dreams still lied within music. So off Tina Ann went to LA, California where she recorded her demo with song writer Tony Lasala.

 When returning to NY she received a phone call that would begin her journey as the artist many grew to adore. A friend’s cousin worked at an independent label looking for an artist. Tina met with Kult Records and landed her first record deal. The release of her debut single, “Don’t Want Another Man” was immediate, and quickly climbed the billboard dance chart in 2000 to #1 instantly allowing Tina to tour around North America & Europe. Her high energy performances filled with intricate choreography & props quickly built her reputation as not only a talented but strong performer. “Don’t Want Another Man” was nominated for best underground 12” Dance Record @ WMC in 2000 in Miami, Florida.

Tina Ann had put a face to Dance Music & was an enormous part in crossing House music over to main stream radio.

 After Tina’s success with her first single she terminates her contract with Kult Records due to differences in representation and found the record label Heart Records with father Sal Amato. Heart Records then released Tina Ann’s follow up single in 2002 entitled “In My Dreams” soaring to #1 on dance radio, including #1 on WKTU 103.5fm the #1 Dance Music Station in NY. As a result was the #5 played song on WKTU  for year 2002. DMA, “America’s Dance Music Authority” Donnie Fratello rates, “In My Dreams” 4 stars**** saying, “Tina’s vocals are strong and the music fits her vocals beautifully!” Tina Ann had proven not only her accomplishments as a talented vocalist and successful Label but as a skilled songwriter.

 Heart Records then went on to drop the single “I Do” in April 2003 reaching #10 on the Billboard Dance Charts. It then was followed by the release of Tina Ann’s debut album “Situations” in Dec. 2003 becoming Tower Records largest in-store signing in Westbury, NY being one of the most creative and played pop/dance artists to put out a full length album in NY.

 Three more singles were released off the album “Situations”, “Too Late”, “All I Need is a Miracle”, and “Rise Again”. Bringing Tina to perform on ABC/EYE Witness News and a six year tour performing over 600 shows. Performing in venues as big as Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, PNC Art Center in New Jersey to concerts of 30,000 in Rome, Italy. The Daily News/Oct.2003 stated “Look out Britney, tell Christina the news….” “Tina Ann is one of the new crop of singers to shake up the music scene”.

 Adrian Glover of the Aquarian weekly wrote, “her voice is rich, and she certainly tours like a traditional artist. You know the term reserved for the worthy who pays dues, write tracks, generate personality and for the most part rock the house at large.”

 After taking some time off Tina Ann is now releasing her newest single LOL (Miss Skinny Jeans) in the Summer of 2009. Tina has revamped her image into that of a mature women with her own unique edge and style. Her sound always pushing pop is fresh and in perfect sync with times today. Her single LOL, is a very fun energetic song, toying with text messaging & flirting with the dance floor. It’s undeniable that Tina Ann is about to climb the charts yet again.

 So for all those that have patiently awaited what’s next to come with Tina Ann. The time is now and it was well worth the wait. Cause you haven’t seen nothing yet!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hey boooooos!
So I took a little break, BUT IM BACK. During that time I had a chance to completely revamp my style and sound from what it used to be. As you all know, my music was in the techno/house/pop genre, but I have decided to put it all out on the table. Nowadays I am taking a big leap into crossing over...I'm going MAINSTREAM baby! My tracks are still very driven and are mostly upbeat. Some are about finding that inner strength and never giving up, while others are fun, grab your girls & lets go out tonight tracks. Especially My new single, “LOL”(Miss Skinny Jeans), one of my favorite tracks, but YOU will have to be the judge! Whatever it is, IT KICKS BUTT! As the summer is right around the corner I am sooo excited!! Why? Because my new single will be out and I cannot wait for you all to hear it! I am so excited...You are all going to LOVE IT! I am so thankful for everyone who has stuck by my side over the last few years. As I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on everything I want you all to experience it with me, and you can do this by following me on Twitter @ You can also visit my Myspace page @ and my Facebook Fan Page @

I love you all and I promise you that when you hear the new single and experience the NEW EVERYTHING, it will have been worth the wait! <3