Thursday, July 2, 2009

Making of the Video "LOL"-Tina Ann Style (Part I)

Ok, so I know most have seen MTV’s Making of the Video. Let me bring you through Tina Ann’s Making of the Video. Maybe it’s that I have my own label, am a hands on borderline control freak or that I have to be so dame involved. All I know is it was my first music video & I was going to be as prepared as possible. I had no idea the prep behind making a music video. For weeks before my days were filled with Locking down the club to which the video would be shot in, Walk through at the video location, Meetings with the videographer, Meeting with the lighting guy, Wardrobe shopping (Thank You Jilly Bean), Thousands of phone calls for Extras (I swear next time I’m shooting in front of a green screen w/ just myself), Audition actors, Dance Auditions, Dance Rehearsals in Fleming NJ. Yeah, Two and a half hours of driving in monsoons at all hours of the night, not to mention rush hour traffic. Now I jump out of planes with no problems & I was never so scared in my life as much as I was when my Toyota Scion and me went deep sea diving on some parkway I never heard of in NJ.  But the choreography looked so dame hot, it was well worth the near death experience. Oh and I wrote the entire storyboard frame by frame. All I have to say is Thank g-d for my black berry & unlimited texting & Internet. Cause the amount of emails, texts and phone calls would have added up to more than the video.

While this is all going on mind you I’m still starting promo on my new single LOL (Miss Skinny Jeans) & have a last minute photo shoot for single cover a few days prior to video shoot. Which I’ll have you know I got extremely sexy pictures from. Hahaha…

            Now, as the video approached the day before I had plenty to do. Such as get my nails did. Mani/Pedi w/reflexology, just cause it feels so good & I needed to relax. Tanning, eyebrow threading, waxing (ouch.. is all I will say). Beauty is definitely pain. Then on the real work level, I had to make sure that we had all the extras lined up for the next day as well as the dancers and actors. Speak back and forth with the club owner & videographer to make sure we had our times straight & all the arrangements were made for us to set up ahead of time being it was a live video.

            The video was to be shot in two days. Day 1 was live at a nightclub on a Saturday night. The wide shots and crowd shots were to be the main goal, Along with out door Ferrari scene. Day 2 was at the same nightclub the following Thursday but we would have the entire club and day to ourselves to shoot.. The close shots and bathroom scene, VIP scene & whichever shots were not taken day 1 would be captured.

The best way for me to describe the shoot would be to walk you threw it so here’s a little play-by-play for ya…

Oh, did I mention my cousins’ baby shower fell on the same day as Day1?           

 Saturday May 9, 2009 –

 9:00 am Shower and get dressed for Cousins baby shower before hair appt.

10:00 am Having manager make phone calls to get extras at shoot.

10:30 am Hair Salon De La Mar in Bellmore, NY to Put glaze on hair for extra shine. (In dress for party)

11:30 am Run home to switch shoes. Changed mind will be dancing all night in heels at video very dumb to start the torture now.

12:00 pm Practice choreography real quick (in dress for party but now with flats, ahhhh)

12:30 pm leave house for party with mom, sister in law & Monkey Boy aka my nephew. The cutest child in the existence of America

12:32 pm turn around go back to house-forgot gift.

1:00 pm Arrive at Baby Shower. Mother to be maybe in early labor but ends up still coming. What a trooper.

2:00 pm Try to convince mother to be to be in my video and write LOL on her belly. She responds with “Sure, then you can write MOM on my a**, flip me over and have it say WOW”.

2:01 pm I take her response as a NO & eat some awesome homemade per nil with rice & beans real quick as I look over video on camcorder of music video rehearsal.

2:30 pm Leave party to start hair & makeup.

3:15 pm Start makeup.. Drink the worst tasting cup of organic tea & burn my tongue. Thank You mother. And yes I really do want lactaid milk with honey & sugar all together in the same cup of tea.

4:00 pm start doing my abnormally thick hair being it could take two days. But it is so very nice and glossy Thanks to Carly at De La Mar. Yes I just advertised again.

4:20 pm The stress begins. Phone calls are endless. Never a dull moment.

4:30 pm Whose got the story board & has any one spoken to the videographer

5:00 pm Still doing hair

5:30 pm Finish up makeup

5:35 pm Videographer is at location and cant set up yet. Now giving phone to manager to deal with and have him call club owner.

6:00 pm Get dressed

7:00 pm Dancers suppose to have met me

7:30 pm 1 actor & 1 dancer only

8:30 pm Suppose to be at location (NOT)

9:00 pm Half the dancers show up but only half and still no choreographer

9:30 pm head to location have the rest meet us there

To Be Continued………….



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